Day Two Homework


Day One Homework

Day One – Social Media ‘n Stuff

On the first day of LP’s Magical Social Media Extravaganza, I think I better note down some things.

  • Have a HUB and broadcast from it – everything you post has to come back to your HUB (in some way)
  • Articles have to have a share button, not a like button.
  • Your HUB has to have the 3 D’s (Discoverable Distributable Discussable)
  • Ripples are good – no really, they kick ass

Ripple across social networks

I also found Laurel’s Rules enjoyable.

Social Media – How very (p)intresting

Early afternoon on a Monday and I’m writing a blog at Laurel Papworth‘s Intensive 3 Day Social Media Course.

But why?

Turns out that we are using WordPress to keep our course notes – That’s something I haven’t seen before, using a blogging website to create and maintain notes taken during a workshop.

Laurel uses flickr to host all of her discussion points and graphs (all with IP protection, curses)

Our table’s team name is – “Clicks, Likes, Icons” – awesome right?

We got to embed a video – like this: (WordPress auto embeds youtube links, which is sick)

Then we spoke about the 1% rule

Bubbles, Ripples, Content makers and Multiple Linking – That’s how we roll.